Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

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72 – Horror Short Review 2018

Director : Brandon Tanczak
Writer : Brandon Tanczak
Cast : Brady Hatin, Alexis Howland, Kelly Carlson, Kevin Simpson

Synopsis : Follow James as he goes through the zombie apocalypse


This is a video diary of a man called James (Hatin) , who is going through the zombie apocalypse while trying to survive. I liked how this is filmed because while we sit watching this video diary, we can connect to him. While we watch him going through this traumatic event, it makes you wonder what you would do if this ever happened. We sympathise because he has lost everything, Then it really tugs on the heartstrings as we are shown His partner Mya (Howland) and we find out she is was pregnant before he lost her to the zombie killers on the loose.

The video, while playing keeps losing its tracking, which i would guess would happen in this situation. What i liked most is seeing James in his isolation, slowing losing his mind. Again you can imagine how horrific that would be if you were the only person left. In the end the zombies, including zombie Mya get into where he is hiding out and attack him. It end with Mya crawling across to the camera to look into it. There is nothing left of her humanistic side, as the virus has taken hold.

This is a clever version of this genre of film and it will stand out among others like this. A great short to watch

Payten Autumn