Sightings (2017) – Review

Director – Andrew J.D. Robinson
Writer – Andrew J. D Robinson
Cast – Angela Parent, Hayden Rose, Chantal Kloosterman, and Maissa Houri

Synopsis – Two sisters mourn the disappearance of their little sister

Review –

Before i begin, i need to give a shout out on here to Alina Sauve who did the FX on this short and to Ziwirek Beats, Curtis Berndt, and Tyler Matthews who did the music...

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A Walk Home Alone (2017) – Review

Director : Andrew J.D.Robinson
Writer : Andrew J.D. Robinson

Cast : Maura Stephens, Patrick Sutters, Jurgen Vollrath, and Jenn Nangle

Synopsis : Recent cases of missing women have something in common

Review :

This is another short we featured in our reviews before, and again wanted to make sure it was back on here… plus it gave me the chance to watch it again.

Like the first time i watched this, it pulled me in...

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Placebo (2017) Review

Director : Andrew J.D. Robinson
Writer : Andrew J.D. Robinson
Cast : Aileigh Karson, Jennifer Trudrung, Maura Stephens

Synopsis : A young woman undergoes surgery to look like her favorite celebrity.


We reviewed this before but because we relaunched Lestat Horror, we wanted to make sure this was back.

This has to be my favorite short from Robinson , Filmed in black and white, which i love seeing, it focuses on how we perceive ...

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Something Scary (2017) – Review

Director : Andrew J. D. Robinson 
Writer : Andrew J.D. Robinson
Cast : Aileigh Karson, Jesi Jensen, Tristan Mcintosh.

Synopsis : GamerGurl REACTS to a beta for upcoming indie horror game “Something Scary”

Review :

This is another Horror short from Robinson and what i love most about his work is no short is ever alike, each once he releases is unique and original.

As the Synopsis states, this is about the gaming world in which GamerGu...

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